Fun and games with Sony as we’ve been playing with a speaker that plays at a volume so loud you can see the sound

We’ve been having a lot of fun over the past week or so.

It was one of those odd briefs. Promoting a speaker that there wasn’t a massive amount new to say about. Except that it is loud. Like really loud.

And it was there that a spot of creative thinking came into play.

What, we thought, if we could find a way to show that this speaker played music so loud that you could actually see it?

After fiddling about with club nights for the deaf (seriously, they exist and they’re kinda amazing), we alighted upon the idea of using some good, old-fashioned Cymatics – or the science of showing sound through visual means.

We worked with Unit9 to take the speakers apart and then to explore the different means we could use of showing the sound they create through a spot of social and editorial content.

The video’s down below in the bottom of this post.

But along the way, we’ve managed to get some lovely pieces including the Daily Mail (actually, twice), the Independent, Digital Spy, Pocket-Lint, Bugle Mag and a host of others. Elsewhere in Europe, it’s also been picked up in the Netherlands (here and here) and in Spain (here, for example), as well as Hungary. And that’s just for starters …