More of a laugh with O2 as we launch the “On & On” handset … lots of fun and games

We’ve been doing some amusing work with O2.

At some stage we plan to do something sensible with them. That plan is currently on ice.

So to promote their new “On & On” tariff, alongside the nuts and bolts media relations work with the consumer tech and money page folks, we decided to launch the “On & On” handset.

That would be a brand new, O2 branded handset that allows a whole month of talk-time so that users of the new tariff could take full advantage of the benefit of 30 days unlimited calls.

At least it would be if it existed. Which, being an April Fool’s story, it, er, doesn’t.

Coverage was pretty pleasing, with pieces that included Daily Mirror, Gizmodo, PocketLint and Engadget. Which was nice.