Finding the value of 3D on film with some top-quality media story creation for visual technology company RealD

Famed for making the 3D glasses, it would have been a pretty self-serving story if we went out to media with the news that a 3D company says 3D is good for you, so we went about getting the experts to prove as such!

Working with the esteemed Patrick Fagan, Goldsmiths Lecturer in Behavioural Science, and Child Psychologist Dr. Richard Woolfson, we held a scientific experiment at Vue Piccadilly – testing the brains of a lot of school children whilst they watched 2D and 3D movies. And the findings were astounding.

As Richard Woolfson’s initial report showed, children are more distracted than ever in their everyday life – from the immediacy of social networks to the addictively competitive and instantly rewarding online games to the availability of 24hour TV – kids of today cannot easily ‘switch off’.

Our scientific study concluded that just 20 minutes of watching a 3D movie can act as an ‘alternative’ mind booster for children; did you know that other ways to improve a child’s concentration can include listening to Mozart or eating spinach – in comparison to the more traditional methods!

With over 170 pieces of coverage and still counting, the story appeared on Sky News, plus featured in the Daily Star, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, MSN and BT (to name but a very few!).