Fastest cat and dog duo on a scooter, longest and ears on a dog, and largest feet on a teenager just some of the incredible records we revealed for the launch of Guinness World Records 2022

We’ve all got memories of poring over the Guinness World Records annuals marvelling at the records that have been broken, so we couldn’t have loved working on the new annual more.

Last year was a whirlwind year of amazing people breaking some of the strangest records you can think of.

Like Beth who did the quickest 100m forward roll after being dared to in lockdown.

Or Laetitia who completed the most number of skips over a person’s own hair.

Or Shashima and Lollipop, a cat and dog duo who scooted 5m quicker than any other cat and dog duo.

Or even Zion, who was born without legs but took the record for completing 20 meters walking on his hands the fastest.

First up, we needed to get journalists excited so we made sure that anyone who was likely to cover the launch had a copy of the GWR 2022 annual so they could take a look at some of the amazing feats achieved.

We then teed up national, consumer, broadcast and wire media under embargo so anyone who wanted to speak to the record holders could do so and run their coverage in line with the release of the annual.

Finally, we made sure that the release went far and wide when the embargo broke, and ran a responsive press office for all the requests we had coming through as the news spread.

With all the work we’d done running up to the big day, it meant that the launch went off with a bang, securing over 270 pieces of coverage.

Those included broadcast features on Lorraine, The Jeremy Vine Show, TalkSPORT, BBC Radio 2, Capital FM and Heart.

When it came to print and online media, they also loved the feel-good story, with print coverage in Daily Mirror, Metro, The Times, The Sun, Daily Star, and I, and even more online coverage on Evening Standard, City AM, Daily Mail, iNews and Independent.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, is there a way to get into the 2023 edition for PR? With results like that, we think we stand a pretty good chance.