Family fortunes … we just created “Parental Pay Day” for LinkedIn – the moment working families stop paying childcare and start earning for themselves …

We all know that for parents, starting a family can be a happy but stressful time. With the cost of childcare continuing to rise in the UK, it’s a topic that has certainly caught the attention of LinkedIn’s community.

After spotting some hard hitting LinkedIn posts by MotherPukka founder Anna Whitehouse and parenting campaigner Christine Armstrong about the true cost of childcare, we decided to dive into this topic.

We carried out research looking at how childcare fees affect parents’ decisions, especially around delaying having a baby and returning to work, which threw up some very sobering results.

The study found that over half of parents admit to putting off having a child by an average of 2.5 years in anticipation of looming costs, with just 23% of workers feeling it’s then financially worthwhile worthwhile to return to work and pay for childcare.

Media found our stats compelling, with pieces in Grazia and the Daily Mail, alongside a range of other national and regional papers, both online and in print.

Being such a rich discussion topic, we also took the story to the airwaves with Anna and our LinkedIn expert, securing a range of TV and radio slots including ITV Regions, Sky News and Talk Radio.

To find out more and join the discussion, check out #ParentsAtWork on LinkedIn.