Everything changes and everything stays the same … some new titles and some new roles to announce at Hope&Glory

We’re a bit hopeless when it comes to doing the agency news bit. We share a tonne of work on our website. But have a tendency to overlook our own goings on.

Call it humility. Or oversight. Or being too busy working on the next thing to pause and reflect- or indeed share.

But because this is fairly major news for us, we felt we should mark it.

So to share … we’ve created some new roles – Joint MDs at Hope&Glory – and have invited Anna Terrell and Seb Dilleyston to step into them.

There aren’t two better suited people we could think of to take them up. They’re both first and foremost great practitioners. They work with some of our biggest clients and on the thorniest of challenges. They support the most effective of teams.

But they’re also the kind of “sleeves rolled up, get on with it with the minimum of fuss” people we value. They balance just enough process to get the job done with the kind of practical management we think is important.

So we’re really pleased the two of them are going to be helping to run the business going forwards. It’ll mean that in an agency of now nearly 80 we can move things faster, deal with – and sort – more challenges and be better structured to make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

Does that mean that Jo and I (James, in case you wondered) will take a back seat and find a glass office from which to oversee stuff?


Actually we’re going to take the opportunity to spend more time on client work and with client teams.

So we’ve re-titled ourselves to reflect that.

As a result, Hope&Glory now has two CCOs – a Chief Client Officer and a Chief Creative Officer.

We’ll have a bit more time now, so we’re going to use that where it matters most – and where we get the most pleasure. Working with clients and teams to make sure our relationships are thriving, our teams are developing and the quality of our creative work remains some of the best in the industry.

It’s exciting times. Much has changed. Much will stay the same.

Just thought we’d share.