Depop has partnered up with The Sims™ 4 so gamers can get the whole pre-loved fashion experience in-game creating a raft of fashion “Simfluencers” in the process

We helped Depop, the circular marketplace beloved of shoppers across the globe, with a collaboration in the iconic life simulation game, The Sims™ 4.

Since fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression and has always been a huge part of The Sims, it was the perfect partner to help Depop embrace the world of gaming.

Five of Depop’s most popular IRL sellers created custom pieces for the game. With The Sims’ latest expansion pack, “High School Years,” players and their Sims can shop these items at ThrifTea, an in-game “local thrift store and boba hangout”.

Sims can wear custom outfits to hype them up, thereby increasing their value, before reselling for Simoleons via Trendi, an in-game app inspired by Depop. Basically: your Sim can contribute to the circular fashion economy – becoming a “Simfluencer” in the process.

The ability to buy and sell secondhand fashion in The Sims will offer a more authentic gameplay experience for players who do the same IRL – an opportunity for Depop users and secondhand shoppers alike to translate their real-life shopping habits to the metaverse.

Alongside outstanding engagements with the players themselves (the critical aspect of the partnership), we also landed meaty pieces across the likes of Highsnobiety and Vogue Business, as well as the coveted “Ten Coolest Things This Week” in GQ – amongst a host of others.