Creating a spot of “desire” for HTC while helping our audience get ahead in the dating game …

Pretty straight-forward brief for HTC as we set out to promote their new HTC Desire 530 handset through the news pages to drive some brand awareness for the new phone (and the broader brand halo of course).

The aim was to get HTC out of the technology pages and into news and lifestyle.

Given that this was a mid-range phone aimed at a younger audience than their flagship handsets, the Desire 530 had a strong fashion angle with its colourful micro-splatter design and high-spec front-facing “selfie cam”.

Riffing off the name, we set out to help people find their “heart’s desire”. We decided to look into how colours influence our choice of the “perfect match”.

With over 91 million people using dating apps, there’s no denying their popularity. But how do you get yourself noticed when people are judging you on five or less photos?

Using a spot of consumer research and quick partnership with dating expert Jo Barnett and celebrity stylist Chantelle Znideric, we unveiled the top styling tips to up your chances of getting a swipe right.

As it happened, things went a bit bonkers from there.

We bagged scores (over 100 in total at last count) of pieces including coverage across the likes of the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, METRO and Daily Telegraph. Crucially for HTC, this story got them well and truly out of the technology pages and into lifestyle and front-of-paper.

Now that’s all the coverage you could desire, really (sorry).