Cravendale’s Epic Straws: a simple work of marketing cleverness (and bravery)

Cravendale. Those of the Thumbcats.

Now they’ve come up with a new cunning plan. Epic Straws.

It’s one of the simplest pieces of “coupon collect” that I’ve seen. But unlike most “send 10 coupons” prizes, these have really got people talking – to the point that, who knows, there might be people buying the product simply to get their hands on the prize incentive.

Which is so wrong and yet, if you’re a Cravendale marketer, so very right.

Here is what they’re all about …

The reasons that this is remarkable are manifold. But most of all that an ad agency has come up with a cute branded product as a giveaway (with a notional relationship to the real product they’re trying to sell) and has then managed to create talkability by marketing that invented product in a way that ultimately supports sales of the thing they’re sposed to be selling.

And if you can get your head around the logic of that one and don’t argue that it’s another product of a modern marketing landscape then you’re barking. Simple as that.