Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget? Introducing Buzz Bingo’s designer-inspired bag that costs just 1% of the price.

The Buzz Bingo team has had a busy few weeks announcing re-openings across the UK, but there was still time for a bit of light-hearted newsjacking last week.

When we spotted that British designer Lulu Guinness released a limited number more of its previously sold out bingo inspired Bibi bag, we jumped on the news by creating our own bingo bag.

With celebs and supermodels including Bella Hadid fans of the Bibi, fashionistas could now get their hands on their own Lulu Guinness bag for £175 – so we created one for £1.75.

The tongue-in-cheek news was announced on social and went down a storm, with the likes of Daily Star picking up the story before Lulu Guinness posted about Buzz Bingo’s creation to its 90K followers.

And whilst all of this was all going on the team continued liaising with clubs and media up and down the country about reopenings, organising interviews and securing over 50 pieces of coverage in the process.