Capturing the “five-to-nine” economy and the nation after dark with the help of David Hedges and a Sony A7S camera

Since our activity for Sony in which we marked the longest night of the year using the brand’s A7S camera for its ridiculously good astro-photography ability, we’ve been on the road capturing the night from a different perspective.

Working with award-winning photographer David Hedges, we hit the road across the UK after establishing that there are now 7 million people across the country who work “five-to-nine” rather than the other way around.

We thought we’d put the camera’s abilities to the test in order to show this all-too-often unseen aspect of modern British life.

The stunning shots have been a hit with the media too, capturing the attentions of the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent and CITY AM amongst the national titles, along with all-important photography titles such as Amateur Photographer and PhotographyBlog.

Another great night out with the Sony team there, then.