By any beans necessary – we’ve been putting coffee aficionados to the test simply so they can buy an ultra-rare coffee liqueur

Last week, Mr Black became the first drink in the world to make prospective buyers sit a written exam before being allowed to even buy it.

We partnered with Caffeine magazine to devise a GCSE-style test paper whose questions have had even the most ardent coffee lovers, professional baristas and savvy Googlers scratching their heads.

The exam was created to ensure that Mr. Black’s Panama Geisha – coffee liqueur made from the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee beans – found its way to people who that truly loves, appreciates and has a seriously good level knowledge about coffee, such was the limited supply,

The test sparked lively conversation across the media space, with coverage appearing in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, METRO and Trend Hunter.

It also made splashes across trade media, securing coverage in key industry titles including The Drinks Business, Imbibe, FMCG and assorted others.

In one week, 55 coffee connoisseurs have entered the exam online and countless others have submitted entries through the post. Only six experts will be able to purchase the £115 bottle.

If you fancy yourself as a coffee expert, you can check out the test on page 18 of Caffeine magazine’s December issue or online.