Big Bang “Cell-fies” scores a coverage hit thanks to a smart idea and cute publicity

We’ve had an absolute riot working on the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair account over the past six months or so.

We’ve got the chance to power a Christmas tree with Brussels Sprouts, make a YouTube star sing on Helium and we’ve calculated the “science” of Santa.

Now we’ve been allowed to make “Cell-fies”: or portraits of celebs created from their own bacteria. You might have seen them gracing the pages of Metro this morning – who doesn’t love a Metro Page 3 story, eh?

The brief back story is that we’ve been work with Zach Copfer, the world’s first (and only) Bacteriographer.

The “bacteriographs” are made from the subjects’ own cells. To make them, Zach exposes areas of a Petridish to radiation to stimulate the bacteria’s growth. This creates a photograph grown entirely from the bacteria itself. Zachary is the only person in the world practicing this art and it’s the first time his work has been brought to the UK.

Alongside Metro Page 3, we also bagged some awesome coverage in the Independent and the I, a cheeky spot of BBC News OnlineMETRO online, Daily Mirrorthe FTDaily Mail Online, ITV, Daily Telegraph, HuffPoMSNaol, Yahoo!, Belfast Telegraph, Herald, Bristol Post, Wales Online , Gizmodo and a LOT more still coming through.

Here it is in action …

And here it is on SKY Sunrise (sorry about the watermark!) …