Argos celebrated the 60th anniversary of Barbie – 60 years in plastic, it’s fantastic!

Last week the Argos team hosted a Barbie exhibition in the Old Street store to celebrate 60 years of the iconic toy.

Adults and children alike loved seeing how the Barbie doll has changed throughout the years to reflect pop culture and fashion through iconic retro looks, and how the doll continues to evolve today. With more than 200 careers in 60 years, from athlete to astronaut, paediatrician to president, in 2019 Barbie continues to diversify and take on aspirational and culturally relevant roles which encourage children to be whatever they want to be – she’s certainly been busy!

The team sold in the listings release alongside a larger feature including Argos catalogue scans throughout the years. They also invited parenting influencers down on the day of launch to share the nostalgia with their followers and invite them to come down to the exhibition.

The result? Standout coverage in the Daily Mail, London On The Inside, Toy World Magazine, Toys N Playthings, and many more!

We think Barbie looks great for 60 – wouldn’t you agree?