And then we brought Ian Wright in to come up with some fantastical predictions

Gav and Nic (in particular, others have been dragged along too), have been working on a social campaign for O2 of late that we felt was worthy of mention (not to say celebration).

O2 Future Timeline is a way of showing how things get better with time on O2’s Pay & GO Go Go tariff. Basically, you log into the Facebook app and it sucks your content and uses it – your pics, friends and Likes – to project your life into the future. Cute, huh?

To add some colour, we roped in Ian Wright to channel Will Ferrell as our very own sporting anchorman. With him, we’ve created O2 Future News, a series of somewhat surreal fantastical sporting occurrences that may (or more likely, may not) happen at some point in the future.

Here he is in the midst of the transfer season …

The films (there are around 60 in all) have all been used in the Future Timeline app. Bringing a bit of colour to the whole experience.

Oh, and there was a rather fantastic piece on The Sun that helped with the promotion of the whole shebang. With better messaging than any of us has seen for quite some time on a story like this.

Some lovely work from the team on that one …