And Just Like That … we’ve been hard at work with the launch of the new chapter of Sex and the City featuring an all-star cast

When we told the Hope&Glory team that there was a chance to work on the UK launch of the latest instalment of Sex and the City for Sky and NOW, we had more volunteers than we should shake a Cosmopolitan at.

On the day the long-awaited show “And Just Like That …” dropped, we invited lucky lifestyle and fashion journalists, influencers and famous faces to an exclusive screening and panel discussion, led by Tess Daly.

Reflecting the themes of the show, Tess was joined by (editor and journalist) Jo Elvin, Yomi Adegoke (journalist and author of “Slay in Your Lane”) and Nana Acheampong (celebrity stylist and fashion editor), to discuss the importance of female friendship and how it evolves over the years.

Their quotes from the chat were then swiftly packaged up and sent out alongside a news story revealing that 40% of women see their best friend as their soul mate, rather their romantic partner.

Our panellists, alongside celebrity faces including Rachel Stevens, Arlene Phillips, Lydia West and Charlie Howard, were photographed in front of a fabulous (real) flower wall and influencers generated reems of content at the event, building buzz about the show and encouraging people to tune in that night.

The Daily Mail and Daily Mirror were quick off the mark to cover the event along with a tonne of coverage alongside, all with the call to action to tune in on Sky or NOW – exactly what we set out to do.