And in the Meantime … here’s our latest client. We’re very excited about it

Obviously, all client wins are equal in Hope&Glory. We celebrate them all and we work bloody hard to make sure that their choice to work with us is justified all the way.

But from time-to-time we get particularly excited when someone joins us. This is one of those moments as we heard today that we’re going to be working with London’s finest brewer, Meantime.

The brand is an absolute beauty and the product is off-the-scale, taking the time to make amazing beers and cutting a swathe through the London restaurant scene.

Apart from the fact that we love their product, it’s also really exciting to be working with a ridiculously talented team of beer makers and marketing folks. The brand has lots and lots of growth to come and we’re going to be a part of that for some time we hope.

Exciting times indeed.