Airbnb teams up with Debrett’s to work out just how you can be the host with the most or the perfect house guest …

It’s been another busy week for the Airbnb team, who have been minding their Ps and Qs while working with Debrett’s to create a modern etiquette guide for home sharing.

Airbnb partnered with Debrett’s to publish the guide to help Brits navigate the minefield of modern manners when having guests to stay or staying in someone’s home.

It mixes guidance rooted in centuries of British etiquette, including rules on punctuality and how to make the perfect introduction, with advice on modern predicaments like smartphones and social media at the dinner table and smoking electronic cigarettes indoors.

Coverage has rolled from national print, national online and consumer titles, including the likes of the FT, the Telegraph, Mail Online, the Independent, MSN and Red to name just a few.

Here, for those who may be interested, is the lowdown on the dos and don’ts of being the perfect house guest …