Airbnb lists the vessel from the BBC’s Blue Planet II to enable someone to spend a night aboard and take a trip 1,000 metres down

So far January has been a bit mental.

We kicked off with adidas and The Royal Mint on New Year’s Day, knocked in news for Argos, did CES for Sony and HTC Vive, nailed a Deliveroo story (two actually), delivered a cracker for IKEA, did some more adidas work and built a Monster Hunter BBQ.

The fun continued.

With Airbnb, we get to celebrate the amazing places that people can stay using the platform. The platform is called “A Night At …” and we’ve had a bunch of them over the few years we’ve worked with the brand.

This week we got to do one of our favourites as we unveiled the fact that guests could stay on one of the ships featured in the BBC’s Blue Planet II. As the show makes its global debut shortly, we got to create “A Night At …” to remember in partnership with them – a night on the ship and an opportunity to submerge to 1,000 metres.

Coverage has come pretty thick and fast as we landed coverage across the Daily Mail (twice), METRO, The TimesThe Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard and The Scotsman. Then there was the coverage in lifestyle and trends media including pieces across HarpersMashable, Paste, Gizmodo, Fast Company, Verge, CN Traveller … and a host of others around the world. What’s more, we woke up to print coverage across the Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, METRO and Daily Star.

A cracking story to have worked on.