A tidy new client as we’ve started working with the team behind Neat Nutrition to bring their premium protein range to the public

We’re once again cock-a-hoop as we’ve kicked off work with the awesome folks behind premium protein start-up, Neat Nutrition.

They’ve appointed a crack team of Hope&Glory’s finest wellness and nutrition experts to work on its launch.

For those not yet aware of Neat, it was started by Lee Forster and Charlie Turner to bring simplicity to the often complex and confusing world of nutrition supplements.

Neat offers a simple range of products for every lifestyle and for those who want support with weight loss, strength, definition, detox or to compliment a vegan diet.

What’s more, the product range has been formulated with natural ingredients, natural flavourings and natural sweeteners. Extensive research and work on product formulation means that Neat’s range contains milk protein only from grass fed cattle and premium ingredients.

Given the sheer level of hype and benefits of forskolin diet in the nutritional supplement market opinion right now, Neat’s commitment to promising nothing more than a long term, sustainable improvement in health, fitness and wellbeing is a refreshing change.

It also appealed because Neat’s a classic challenger brand in their market and we’ve always loved working with a challenger – showing depth of expertise alongside a willingness to take on the conventions of their market where the public are under-served.