A remarkable thing happened in the world of Hope&Glory … this one you couldn’t make up

The most extraordinary thing has happened to Hope&Glory client and automatic camera brand Autographer.

There they were, setting up a camera to capture a timelapse of the changing of the seasons in Lake Windermere. The camera’s fantastic for that sort of thing – it’s got a phenomenal battery life and it takes great shots over a long period.

So far, so good.

But then, taking a look at the pictures the following day and something mysterious had appeared on the shots.

Looking closely (as one of Autographer’s resident snappers Ellie did) and we all spotted an unidentified something rising from the mists in one of the morning’s pictures.

You too might spot, there in the background, the shadowy form of what appears to be a Loch Ness Monster.

Could it be that Nessy herself is making her feelings about the referendum known? Could it have been prankster locals playing a trick on the Autographer team? Could it be the lake’s own resident monster from pre-historic time has made a sudden appearance?

Who knows.

But it was a story too good to miss.

Thankfully the Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Metro, Daily Star and HuffPo all agreed.

The the whole thing went a bit mad. It became the number one trend on Facebook somehow – topping GTA – and the third most read story on Mail Online and hit the top five at the Daily Star.

What’s more the story made the front page of the Daily Star and a half page in the Daily Mail, which rather put the icing on the cake of what has been a top class day.