A flawlessly balanced story sees the coverage come rolling in for the Isle of Man team as we took to the Island with some landscape art …

Sometimes, when presented with a travel and tourism brief, we like to take a lateral view of the challenge of showing off a destination in all its splendour.

So this year, alongside all the press trips and late deals and round-ups and news calendar stories that we work on for the Isle of Man Tourism team, we thought that we’d bring a bit of drama to showing off the Island’s many-splendoured delights.

Working with the natural environment to show off the natural wonder on offer on the Island, we brought in stonebalancing ace Adrian Gray and put him to work across a whole range of environments.

From the TT course to the Sound to the Calf of Man to the waterfalls to the cliffsides and beaches, we cheerfully created remarkable pieces of temporary landscape art, captured by one of our favourite photographers.

And, lo and behold, the coverage simply rolled in.

With pieces across the Daily Telegraph, IndependentDaily Express, Daily Mail and even the BBC, amongst many other absolute stunners.