A coffee creamer creates something so creatively compelling that the editorial has to tell their story …

Let’s face it, powdered milk isn’t the sexiest or most interesting category in the world.

Which is probably why we were so admiring of this little spot from a Dutch company that sells just that.

Campina Friesland Kievit in Holland managed to make their creamer look secy working with photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte to create a campaign pairing coffee creamer with dance.

Now many will say “what the hell has powdered milk got to do with dancing?”. And we would probably ask the same thing.

But the loveliness of this campaign is that they’ve done something we’re fond of here in H&G, which is creating something that is editorially compelling enough that people will want to write or talk about it, but odd enough that the context has to come through in the editorial explanation of why it’s there.

Altogether a lovely piece of work …