100 superheroes a year for three years on the way to a complete 365 …

Everett Downing in a Pixar  animator (working on films including Up and Ratatouille). However, over the last three years, he’s been working on an act of animation heroism of his own. He is trying to create 365 new superheroes from scratch.

Now it turns out that, when first he set out on this quest, his plan was to create one new super a day for a year – hence the number that remains his aim. However, it turned out that the prospect of creating one complete character a day was too daunting even for this most talented of comic creatives, so he’s been pacing himself.

Just recently, however, he clocked up superhero number 300, adding him to the site on which the whole project has been catalogued.

Hit the “read more” link below to see some of the work. Or visit the site to see them all.