We’ve been helping Argos bring an end to the embarrassment of talking about body hair in a campaign with the lovely people at Philips …

A whopping 11 million women find talking about hair removal uncomfortable or embarrassing, but it’s an everyday part of almost everyone’s grooming routine.

With ads showing flawless, fuzz-free images of models with perfectly tanned skin and expertly coiffed hair, we discovered that many Brits want to see some changes to how they see hair removal depicted.

That’s why we managed to get Argos and Philips to team-up to help change this.

We created a campaign with the two brands to take a different, more realistic approach by capturing all the awkward positions and different places (hello toes and stomach) that people get rid of hair, using models with different body shapes.

Oh, and no re-touching allowed.

We grabbed these new, rather more relatable images of women using the Philips Lumea IPL device and we uploaded to the Argos and Philips websites to showcase the new product range and spark a conversation about the topic of hair removal.

The initiative was praised across the board by the likes of Glamour, Independent, Metro, Grazia, Closer, Tyla and Popsugar for helping to normalise the way we remove body hair.

It even crossed over to the continent with a piece on Elle Portugal.

Here’s hoping more brands follow this lead.