Laura Sibley


Laura joined Hope&Glory after a stint working in-house for a number of years at leading tech powerhouses Sony and Samsung. Having now been with Hope&Glory for over seven years, she heads up a multiple of accounts including Sony’s UK press office, European campaign and content teams as well as Pokémon and Buzz Bingo (an ultimate dream brand of hers to work on). Over the last few years, she has worked with her clients to drive their social and digital output; enabling it to play a big part in the day to day activity. Everything from the award-winning Pokémon GO ‘Pokémon Planet’ ad campaign through to being stuck up a mountain with two LED-clad pro snowboarders to create an awesome bit of (also award-winning) video content for Sony’s EXTRA BASS speakers.

More recently, she’s worked closely with the brand to build and create its Alpha Universe website; telling the story of Sony’s photography ambassadors through written work and creative content. And yes, that has won awards too. When she’s not at Hope&Glory, she’s either gazing adoringly into her little girl (or boy’s) eyes, losing sorely at the bingo or watching Corrie.